Investments that exceed borders!

                If you are looking for interesting investment opportunities in Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, France or UAE, then you've landed on the right page!

                At RIO you will have access to all information you might need to invest in the region whether in business, real estate or financial services. You will also meet the right experts in:

                • - Banking
                • - Real estate
                • - Financial services
                • - Insurance
                • - Legal
                • - Audit & taxation
                • - Software & marketing specialists.

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                Our Mission

                RIO is on a mission to attract business people from the MENA region to invest in regional economies including Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, France and UAE by:

                - Opening doors to promising business investments, real estate opportunities, and diversified assets ownership.

                - Facilitating access to professional legal and financial support

                - Providing exposure to existing businesses and connecting them with potential distributors, agents, franchisees, and partners

                HYBRID WEBINARS

                Live and online panel discussions
                moderated by experts in their fields


                With possibility of live translation to Greek, English and Arabic


                • Live one-on-one and group meetings with selected companies from different industries. Trips also include visits to different cities’ tourist and business hot spots.
                • Business investment opportunities for local businesses in the city
                • Bundles of shared investments in real estate and business opportunities based on the market gaps
                • Pitching and networking
                • Meeting with governmental bodies if necessary

                Be Part of This Unique Opportunity

                Why Cyprus

                • Strategic location bridging between Europe and MENA.

                • Pleasant weather, diverse culture, and balanced lifestyle.

                • Attractive tax system & IP (Intellectual Property) regime.

                • EU & Eurozone Member State.

                • Foreign Direct Investment superstar.

                Why Now

                • Limited investment opportunities for Lebanese expats and Arabs in the MENA region due to the turmoil the whole region constantly passes through.

                • Slow growth of businesses in Cyprus especially those impacted by the COVID- 19 pandemic.

                • A perfect opportunity to drive successful business ventures and acquisitions.

                A project created by a joint venture between PROMD- GROUP LTD, EXPAND & LEGACY BUILDERS. 


                • Attract Business People from around the world to invest in Cyprus, Greece, UAE and Lebanon 

                • Open the doors to New Business Opportunities, Financial services and Real Estate investment

                • Exhibit existing businesses and network with Potential Distributors, Agents, Franchisees and Partners  

                • Own New Assets as diversified alternatives due to Economic Turmoil in Lebanon and the region 

                • Provide the necessary grounds for Legal and Financial support to Business People

                Target Audience

                • Business people around the World in need of new income, liquidity and investment backup sources

                • Focal Campaign Targeting Lebanese Business People residing in Lebanon, GCC countries and Africa seeking to expand abroad through diversified investments